Medical Advances | Nanogenerator Makes Electricity from Blood | Nano Patch for Weight Loss |

In todays episode we take a look at how a nanogenerator makes electricity from blood. Researchers from fudon university have come up with a nano fiber that generates power when fluid flows past it. Flowing blood into electricity is how everyone is promoting this but it can be used to generate power from any salty solution. This nano fiber electricity generator can be small or scaled up for industrial applications. Nano electric power generation does hold a key to powering nano devices in our body or in bodies of liquid like the ocean. These fiber-shaped fluidic nano generator may change our future. This is a cool bio generator or maybe even a bio battery.

We then look at a new nano patch for weight loss. This weight loss patch uses micro needles to inject nano particles into white fat. this will turn the white fat into brown fat which is easier to burn as energy. Maybe this will let you lose weight without exercise but it will let you turn white fat brown. This skin patch dissolves fat in lab rats and hopefully can be used for human weight loss as well

Finally we look at researchers in china who are working on a cure for cavities. More of a vaccine for cavities in the mouth.
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